Known to the Victim by K.L. Armstrong Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: K.L. Armstrong
Narrated by: Aj Bridel
Release date: June 25, 2024
Audiobook Duration: 10 h 11 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: From nationally bestselling author K.L. Armstrong comes a new heartstopping, propulsive, race-against-the-clock thriller.

How far will you go to protect the only family you have?

When Amy Gibson’s mother is brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Amy’s world is completely undone. Overcome with grief and heartache, she withdraws from everything around her—college, her friends, her entire life. Until her estranged half-brother, Oliver, saves her, pulling her back into her life and giving her family. Giving her a home.

Eight years later, she’s picked herself up and has worked hard to move forward. She’s the host of a popular true crime podcast that focuses on crimes against women committed by their partners and is finding purpose and healing through helping women in ways she couldn’t help her mother.

And then Oliver is accused of the unthinkable—something that is so unlike him. Something that horrifies Amy. But desperate to save the only family she has, she sets out to prove her brother’s innocence.

But as the days pass and more information about Oliver and his past slowly comes to light, Amy begins realizing that nothing is ever as it seems—especially when it comes to family.

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