Stay Dead by April Henry Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: April Henry
Narrated by: Tessa Netting
Release date: May 28, 2024
Audiobook Duration: 6 h 35 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Milan is in a race against time and terror to get to her parents’ one trusted friend before she ends up dead, too… readers will be intrigued and thrilled to see how it all turns out.” —Booklist

“A page-turning cat-and-mouse survival story.” —Kirkus Reviews

New York Times bestselling author April Henry delivers a thrilling murder mystery featuring a teen with an assassin on her trail fighting to uncover the truth behind a government cover up, perfect for fans of Karen McManus.

Sometimes, the only way to live is to make sure the world thinks you’re dead . . . 

In the aftermath of a car accident that claimed the life of her senator father, sixteen-year-old Milan finds herself adrift, expelled from her third boarding school. Milan’s mother, who has assumed the senate seat, diverts her private plane to pick up her daughter. But on their way home, a bomb rips off a wing and the plane crashes in the mountains. In her final moments, Milan’s mother entrusts her with a key. She reveals it will unlock the evidence that so many people have already died for—including Milan’s father. The only way Milan can survive, her mom tells her, is to let everyone believe she died with the other passengers.

​Milan is forced to navigate a perilous descent in freezing conditions while outwitting everything from a drone to wild animals. With relentless assassins on her trail, she must untangle the web of deceit and save herself and countless others. Will she piece together the truth in time?

“The cat-and-mouse between Milan and Lenny adds a thick layer of tension, especially as Lenny closes in on her target… things come together nicely as the climax looms. Perfect for fans of Mindy McGinnis.” —School Library Journal

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