My Story Your Glory by Matthew West Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: Matthew West
Narrated by: Matthew West
Release date: March 19, 2024
Audiobook Duration: 3 h 18 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Discover how God’s love can rewrite your story in My Story, Your Glory, a thirty-day devotional that explores how God’s glory redeems every chapter of our lives—inspired by Dove Award-winning worship music artist Matthew West’s song “My Story, Your Glory.”

My Story, Your Glory reveals how God brings hope into all situations in our lives. We all have hurts, mistakes, and losses in our lives that we wish would disappear. God promises that He will work all things together for the good of those who love Him. The God of mercy doesn’t mark up our stories with a red pen; He blots out our sins and then comes alongside us, encouraging us to keep writing. Readers will learn how to find God’s purpose in their pain and His message in their mistakes.

By sharing his own highs and lows, West relates to readers and helps them to reflect on the less-than-perfect parts of their lives. Readers are pointed to examples in Scripture of people not much different from us, and how God, in His glory, redeemed their stories. In every way that we are not enough, our God is. West encourages readers to give God the glory in both the best days and worst days.

Each entry in this devotional calls readers to:

  • Connect to God’s Story and truth through selected Bible verses
  • Craft your story by recording your answer to a thought-provoking prompt
  • Share your story with God or others, inviting God to move through the Spirit
  • Live your story by bringing glory to God through concrete action

My Story, Your Glory guides readers to call God into their story, giving Him the glory for all He’s already done and waiting expectantly for Him to write the next chapter.

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