Turning Inward by Ross Rayburn Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: Ross Rayburn
Narrated by: oss Rayburn
Release date: January 9, 2024
Audiobook Duration: 8 h 23 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: “Ross shows us that meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting still. You can turn within to find inspiration and guidance, even when you are dancing.”—Misty Copeland, principal dancer at American Ballet Theatre, New York Times bestselling author

Lead Instructor of Yoga and Meditation for Peloton Ross Rayburn offers a new and accessible take on mindfulness and the art of meditation through the practice of introversion, which is a method of self-exploration for finding authenticity, joy, and calm in our hectic, extroverted world.​ As New York Times bestselling author Robin Arzon says, “Turning Inward provides the tools to befriend yourself. In sharing his mindfulness TIPs, Ross provides a path for even the most novice meditator. Herein lies many entry points back to oneself.”

Building off his popular Peloton meditation and yoga classes and his years of teaching and spiritual study, Ross Rayburn offers a new way to look at meditation. Rather than a purely esoteric practice, meditation is, Ross argues, simply “turning in,” which anyone can learn how to do through the practice of introversion. Billy Porter, award-winning actor, singer, director, composer, and playwright, commented, “Ross Rayburn is one of those rare people who understands how to help us access our inner depths. I’m proud to call him both my teacher and my friend.”
Because we spend most of our time “turned outward” in order to function in society, introversion offers both a respite and a source of insight. The practice of introversion leads to a happier, calmer life and a truer sense of yourself and your path—something many crave in our chaotic and often polarized world. 

With the easy and enjoyable techniques in this book, and a surprisingly simple and straightforward way of thinking and seeing, you can begin introverting with more intention and with more structure and regularity, for even greater benefits. You’ll learn how to handle life’s difficulties with less anxiety and greater perspective, and you’ll have the tools to remember who you really are, especially during those times it’s easiest to forget.
Through these practical exercises, guided visualizations, opportunities for contemplation, breathing techniques, and more, you will discover that everything you need to be is already who you are. It’s inside you. All you have to do is turn inward to find it.

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