Sugarless by Nicole M. Avena Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: Nicole M. Avena
Narrated by: Kim Ramirez
Release date: December 19, 2023
Audiobook Duration: 5 h 45 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: Break free from sugar addiction and take control of your health. In Sugarless, pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Avena provides a revolutionary step-by-step plan to help readers curb sweet cravings and quit sugar once and for all. With surprising sources of hidden sugars exposed, Dr. Avena’s 7-step program empowers you to overcome sugar addiction by identifying sugar traps, taming your sweet tooth, and breaking the vicious diet cycle.
Backed by over 100 studies, Dr. Avena reveals how processed foods with refined sugars can be even more addictive than illicit drugs. She dispels myths blaming lack of willpower, and proves biologically how sugar affects the brain. With a foreword by Dr. Daniel Amen and 30 sugar-free recipes, this book provides the perfect blueprint for your sugar detox.
Hailed as the first to study sugar addiction, Dr. Avena is the world’s foremost authority on the topic. Her blend of compelling research and actionable solutions makes embarking on your own sugar detox for beginners straightforward. Simply follow her advice to feel more in control, stop craving sugar, and start feeling healthier.

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