Out of the Dawn by P. C. Cast Audiobook Free Listen Online

Bibliographic information:

Author: P. C. Cast
Narrated by: Lorelei King
Release date: August 8, 2023
Audiobook Duration: 11 h 27 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: In the thrilling sequel to #1 New York Times bestselling author P. C. Cast’s Into the Mist, a group of women fight for a just future in the wake of global destruction.

Practical Magic meets Station Eleven in this pulse-pounding postapocalyptic thriller about the power of women.

Mercury Rhodes and her world were utterly changed when the bombs fell, releasing the green mist. While it proved deadly to all the men who breathed it in, it gave new life to women who did the same. The green mist provided each member of her newfound family an ability: Stella’s heightened intuition, Imani’s earthly connection, Karen’s bond with Spirit, and Gemma’s healing ability. Although Mercury now has incredible physical strength—she doesn’t know if she will be strong enough for what comes next. Especially after the death of Ford, their companion through the aftermath of the mist.

The group finds respite in creating a small community in the John Day Fossil Preserve, near the Painted Hills in Oregon. Together, they hope to find a place where they can start over and rebuild a better world. But Mercury knows it won’t be that simple, not when she knows someone, or something, is hunting them. Something that wants to rule the ruins of the world and something who sees Mercury as a threat that must be eliminated.

Mercury will have to muster all her strength if she is to fight for a new dawn. The fate of her friends—and the world—depend on it.

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