Free Audiobook – Artpreneur by Miriam Schulman

Bibliographic information:

Author: Miriam Schulman
Narrated by: Miriam Schulman
Release date: January 31, 2023
Pages: 256
Audiobook Duration: 8 h 29 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: A step-by-step art business handbook to transform your creative ideas into a profitable business.

No matter what kind of creative artist you are -whether you’re a musician, photographer, painter, writer, dancer, singer, or any other medium with aspirations of making a living from your art, this is the perfect time to turn your creative ideas into a successful art business. With gatekeepers no longer controlling the market, anyone with a laptop and a dream can make a thriving living from their creativity.

This is the definitive sales and marketing artist handbook and a valuable art business reference to selling your art. Each page provides the inspiration and practical steps you need to build a personal brand, overcome starving-artist syndrome, and finally make consistent sales from your art. Artpreneur provides the methods and tools to build a confident mindset, take charge of your destiny, and create a clear path to success.

Miriam Schulman, the host of the Inspiration Place podcast, breaks down the five core elements in the “Passion to Profit” planning framework to help you develop your art business—so that you can have the time and freedom to do what you love:

  • PROSPECTING: Build an audience of followers, fans and collectors who want what you’ve got and are prepared to pay top dollar.
  • PRODUCTION: Draw attention to your creations by embracing your authenticity.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Create work-life balance by managing your priorities and setting manageable goals.
  • PROMOTION: How to sell your art in an authentic and non-salesy way.
  • PRICING: Price your art, products, or services based on cutting-edge research that explains buyer psychology.

After twenty years of successfully selling art and coaching other artists, Miriam knows that now’s the time to pursue your highest dreams and finally make a living from your art.

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