Chasing Tomorrows by Craig A. Falconer

Bibliographic information:

Author: Craig A. Falconer
Narrated by: Eric Reed, Hector Carrillo, Connor Brannigan, Megan Carter, Garrett Kiesel, John Kielty, Alex Freeman, Jack De Golia, Steven Barnett
Release date: January 31, 2023
Pages: 643
Audiobook Duration: 17 h 59 min

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BOOK DESCRIPTION: A spellbinding new sci-fi box set from the bestselling author of Not Alone & Last Man Standing — perfect for fans of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Black Mirror’.

Grab FIFTEEN standalone stories in one great-value anthology!
**15 stories, 600+ pages, 900+ 5-star Amazon ratings!**

From alien invasion to space exploration, and from time travel to technological dystopias…
There truly is a tomorrow for everyone.

Chasing Tomorrows explores classic sci-fi themes through a contemporary lens. Continuing the legacy of decades gone by, these fast-paced standalone stories offer wondrous settings, philosophical sci-fi questions, and twists that pack a punch.

This expansive collection contains 15 captivating Sci-Fi Sizzlers:
• Wanderlust
• Bound For Glory
• Sunset Stays
• Arise With Us
• Whence They Came
• Replica
• Megaton Murphy
• A Scent Of Man
• Yester Year
• Too Good To Be True
• Happy, Inc.
• Pamela 2.0
• Funscreen
• Pumpkin Splice
• When Santa Slays

What readers are saying about these Sci-Fi Sizzlers:
★★★★★ — “The perfect quick fix for Sci-Fi addicts!”
★★★★★ — “Falconer at his witty and thought provoking best”
★★★★★ — “Twilight Zone 2.0”
★★★★★ — “Written in the Great Sci-fi style of the 60s and 70s”
★★★★★ — “This would make a GREAT story to have on “The Twilight Zone”, “Outer Limits”, or “Night Gallery””

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