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Bibliographic information:

Author: Christy Carlyle
Narrated by: Karen Cass
Release date: November 29, 2022
Pages: 368
Audiobook Duration: 8 h 43 min


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USA Today bestselling author Christy Carlyle sweeps readers away on an all-new romantic holiday to the wilds of Scotland where a young woman discovers her vacation home is unexpectedly owned by a strange, devastatingly handsome earl.

After a lifetime of living for her friends, family, even strangers, Lady Lucy Westmont knows something must change or she’ll lose herself forever. An invitation to visit her free-spirited and scandalous aunt in the wild Scottish countryside is the perfect opportunity to discover how to live the life she wants.

James Pembroke just learned that not only is he the new Earl of Rossbury, he’s also inherited his late uncle’s debts and a manor house deep in Scotland. Already owing money to an unsavory man because of a business deal that went awry, he has no choice but to travel to Scotland to sell the manor. On his way, he finds himself sharing a train car with a rather pretty but wild young woman.

When Lucy manages to make it to her aunt’s home, she discovers her aunt is missing and the incredibly rude man who shared her train car is claiming that he owns the house instead. Nevertheless, Lucy is determined to have a true holiday, even if she is accompanied by the man who has upended her plans—and her heart.

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